Levelstate Systems product range includes:

Electronic Drum Level Indicators - A range of electronic units designed for monitoring steam and water levels inside a boiler drum or feedwater tank. Features include upto 48 probe channels, single or dual power supplies, alarm and trip relay outputs, conductivity settings, time delay settings for alarm and trip functions, local display, remote display options, voting logic on trip levels.

Electronic Level Switches - A range of electronic units designed to replace mechanical float switches. Features include: single or dual power supplies, probe validation, conductivity settings, 1 to 4 independent channels, local display, relay output per channel.

Water Columns - A range of high and low pressure pressure vessels custom made to your application. Rated to 580 C and 207 bar.

Conductivity Probes - Levelstate manufacture a range of probes for its own systems as well as direct replacements for all major manufacturers. All our probes are very high quality vacuum brazed items with zirconia insulators. Our pricing is very competitive.

Gauge Glasses - Levelstate has started to manufacture a range of high quality bi-color level gauges.