Replacement Probes


Replacement Probes

Refurbishment Solutions

Conductivity Type Level Instruments

Levelstate offers a complete solution for refurbishment/replacement of old/non-working Conductivity Type Level Instruments (Hydrastep or equivalent). We can provide replacement for all major OEMs including the following:


Clarke Reliance

Diamond Power




Our parts/systems are fully interchangeable with that of the original manufacturer and can be installed without any modification(s) of the existing installation. Other benefits of dealing with Levelstate are:

  • Competitive pricing
  • Longer life
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Shorter lead time

Levelstate can provide solution for the following parts:

Probe/Electrode ready reckoner*

Levelstate Part No.


OEM Part No.

Type 851 Hydrastep/Solartron/Mobrey/Emerson 459600602
Type 852 Hydrastep/Solartron/Mobrey/Emerson 246781Z/246781ZA
Type 862 Fossil/Yarway 9300-0002/964584-01
Type 871 Clarke Reliance ZG020
Type 872 Clarke Reliance FG031
Type 882 Hydrastep/Solartron/Mobrey/Emerson/ BHEL 459600201/Bhel-Vision
Type 892 Diamond Power Series-II

*For any OEM Part No. not listed above, please contact your local distributor or Levelstate