Drain Value

Ball check valve: This is a safety device and installed on the water leg of the gauge. Its function is to stop flow of steam/water instantaneously in the event of gauge glass breakage, thereby preventing any chance of injury to the service personnel.


Gauge: The assembly consists of the main gauge body, tie bar and block valves. Gauges are supplied depending on site requirement with the no. of ports starting at 5.


Illuminator: Illuminators are provided for indication of steam (Red) or water (Green). They are modular in design and self ventilated. The LED Illuminator uses very low power and is available for outdoor application.

Orifice Spacer

Orifice spacer: The orifice spacer is installed on the steam leg which allows the low pressure steam to come out of the breakage point helping the personnel to identify and locate the failure without safety hazard.