Water Column

Water Columns are designed to promote condensation of saturated steam with minimum drop in temperature. Circulating condensate in the Water Column flushes the vessel and Probes continuously. This prevents build up of sediment and eliminates the need for periodic blowdown. The design and fabrication meets the requirement of ASME B31.1 Power Piping Code.


As the primary element in sensing level signals, conductivity Probe is the heart of electronic level indicating systems. Probes are made of stainless steel with high purity zirconia/alumina ceramic insulator exhibiting a high degree of chemical inertness at elevated temperature. Pressure sealing is achieved through ceramic to metal vacuum brazing.

Electronic Unit

The Electronic Unit processes the input signal and provides display, relay and analog outputs. Features are available depending on site requirement including no. of channels, single or dual power supplies, process and system fault, alarm and trip relay outputs, time delay settings, conductivity settings. The Electronic Unit is housed in an IP65 enclosure as standard.

Remote Display Unit

The Remote Display Unit repeats the display of the Electronic Unit. The IP20 Remote Display Unit is intended for control room location. The IP65 Remote Display Unit can be located in the field like fireman's floor, feedwater control station etc. Two Remote Display Units can be powered by the Electronic Unit upto 500 meters. Additional Remote Display Unit with length exceeding 500 meters also available on request.

Probe Cable

Levelstate provides high temperature resistant PTFE insulated multi-core Probe Cable. These are available in 10 meters length as standard. Custom lengths can be supplied maximum upto 30 meters.