Refurbishment Solutions For Port Type Gauge Glass


Refurbishment Solutions For Port Type Gauge Glass

Levelstate offers a complete solution for refurbishment/replacement of old/non-working Port Type Gauge Glasses. We can provide replacement for all major OEMs including the following:

  • BHEL
  • Narvik Yarway
  • Fossil
  • Yarway

Our parts/systems are fully interchangeable with that of the original manufacturer and can be installed without any modification(s) of the existing installation. Other benefits of dealing with Levelstate are:

  • Competitive pricing
  • Longer life
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Shorter lead time

Levelstate can provide solution for the following parts:

  • Port Kit/Seal Kt (Comprising of Glass, Mica, Cushioning ring, Sealing gasket, Clip ring)
  • Retaining ring/Glass retaining spring
  • Duco ring/Flat washer
  • Spring cone/Belleville washer
  • Port cover
  • Cover bolts/Cap screw
  • LED unit assembly
  • LED illuminator or it components
  • Halogen illuminator or it components

Ready reckoner for part replacement*

  OEM Part No. 


Levelstate Yarway Narvik Yarway Fossil BHEL

Port kit/Seal Kit

30001 923321 4N-0515-17 9320-0109

One to one compliant

Port cover

30002 112925 3N-0120-17 9940-0200

Duco ring/Flat washer

30003 917211-01 4N-0181-17 1020-0400

Spring cone/Belleville washer

30004 102875-01 4N-2802-17 1020-0002

Retaining ring/Glass retaining spring

30005 919051 4N-0178-17 1080-0018

Cover bolts/Cap screw

30006 954181-10 4N-3331-17 1000-0030

SS LED unit assembly

30019 NA 4N-3876-27 NA

*For any OEM Part No. not listed above, please contact your local distributor or Levelstate